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Hi guys and girls!

It has been a long time since I showed you something new and interesting. I have been busy (overwhelmed by work), and I hadn’t had the time nor the energy to do anything in my spare time.
I finally started working on one of my unfinished designs and here I am….
Without furder delay I present you new concept theme named “Casper`d Clean Theme”.
In the above screenshot you can see a mixture of portal and forum template files.

All comments are welcome Smile


man it looks damn good... Nice Cool & Simple
Hey, It is really new to me. Very fine theme with simple look. Keep working friend Smile
I know how you feel buddy, I've become overwhelmed by the amount of work I'm doing at this time.

Anways, The theme looks like it could be used for a number different sites and at the moment I think it'll make a great use for a business. It's something mybb lacks, so maybe the wide verity in style will pull in a mix for the package.

Great work! awesome theme buddy =)
Thank you guys, I really appreciate your feedback.
Thank you
holy sh.t its amazing
dared Wrote:holy sh.t its amazing

Thank you.
when are you going to finish it?
murad12s Wrote:when are you going to finish it?

probably when Mybb team releases MyBB 1.4 Final Sweat
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