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MyBB 1.4 Released
03-08-2008, 08:00 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2008 08:01 AM by ivgeo.)
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MyBB 1.4 Released
MyBB 1.4 has been released and is now available on the MyBB website.

Quote:MyBB 1.4 is a great leap forward in terms of both functionality of the board as well as a complete overhaul of the administrator control panel. There are over 70+ new features that have been built in to MyBB and the MyBB code base has almost doubled in size since MyBB 1.2.
Full Feature Listing for MyBB 1.4
  • Completely redeveloped, rewritten and redesigned Administrator Control Panel
  • Moderator Control Panel allowing moderators to moderate & manage forum posts and announcements, users, bans and warnings
  • Completely redeveloped calendar functionality with support for multiple calendars, group based permissions, recurring and ranged events
  • More refined and user-friendly User Control Panel
  • Cleaned up forum listing and thread listing pages to reduce clutter
  • Login box at the top of every page, quickly accessible by clicking the "Login" link in the top menu
  • Built in warning system allowing forum staff to warn users for inappropriate actions with predefined warning types and percentage based warning levels allowing for account restrictions to be put in place
  • User group promotion system allowing users to automatically be promoted to a new user group based on their post count, registration date or reputation
  • Built in support for Search Engine Friendly URLs for forums, threads and member profiles for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Support for multiple recipients in private messages, with the ability for certain members to be BBC'd on messages and the ability to "Reply to All"
  • User online status indicator (Online, Away, or Offline) in user profiles and for those that are online, their current location on the board
  • Rewritten search engine spider/bot detection system that's completely configurable by the control panel. Spiders can be assigned a certain theme, language and placed in a certain user group. It's also possible to see when a certain spider last visited
  • Support for multiple database servers/round-robin connections as well as master/slave database replication support
  • Automatic daylight-savings detection to automatically toggle the "DST" setting for users if their time is detected as having changed since their last visit
  • Rewritten forum and thread read tracking system that's completely persistent for users no matter which PC they login from
  • Ability to select one or more users from the buddy list when composing a private message
  • Redesigned popup buddy list window
  • Threads can now be rated directly from the thread listing or the thread view without leaving the page, instantly via AJAX
  • COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) support allowing the administrator to control the registration page for minors
  • Additional support for plugins to have a list of compatible versions of MyBB, hooks for installation and uninstallation as well as built in support for plugin version checking in the control panel
  • New private message notification is now shown inline with the ability to dismiss rather than as a popup confirmation message
  • User group permission allowing post edits by users to require approval before the post is visible
  • Ability for users to quickly change the forum language with a "Quick Language Select" box at the bottom of each page
  • Rewritten thread subscription and favorites system allowing either no subscription to threads, subscription with no email notification of replies or subscription with instant email notification of replies
  • Settings to disable all of the AJAX based functionality throughout the store
  • AJAX based quick reply to threads to quickly reply to a thread and view the new post/reply without the page needing to be reloaded
  • Ability to perform a search within a thread to search for posts matching certain terms
  • Built in support for XCache, MemCached and APC caching systems instead of the file and database detault
  • Mark a forum as read by simply clicking on the forum status indicator on the forum listing
  • Option to display the number of users currently active in a specific forum on the forum listing (X users browsing)
  • New & unread threads are marked as bold on the thread listing
  • Thread authors are shown directly below the thread subject on the thread listing
  • Rewritten "Send thread to a friend" and "Email user" features with built in logging, guest support removed and message wrapping - so you can clearly see the message was sent from the forum
  • Ability to refresh the CAPTCHA image on registration/posting pages incase the current version cannot be read
  • Built in error handler with support for email notification of errors or the ability to log them to a file for later analysis
  • Search terms, when viewing a thread from a list of search results are now highlighted
  • Ability to specify the "parse order" for custom MyCode so that certain tags can be parsed before others
  • Automatic resizing of user uploaded avatars (either forced, or the option to allow users to choose if they want this to happen)
  • SMTP mail support so that all outgoing messages from the forum can be sent via an SMTP server rather than the built in PHP mail() function
  • Completely redeveloped and redesigned member list including user avatars and an advanced search for the member list
  • Javascript form validation to provide instant feedback when a user enters invalid details when trying to register an account on the forum
  • Option to automatically merge continual replies to a thread by the same user in to the first reply, with optional time restriction and separator settings
  • Redeveloped buddy list and ignore list management
  • Posts from ignored users are hidden by default, with the ability to expand and show these ignored posts
  • Alternative remote connections support for servers that do not allow fsockopen or allow_url_fopen with built in CURL support instead
  • "Edited by" messages are now correctly shown when a post is edited using the inline AJAX based post editor
  • Completely rewritten and redeveloped Javascript based post editor, with the ability to use an Office 2007 style user interface per theme
  • IP addresses are now stored as integers which allows for much quicker searching based on IP address
  • Multi-page and page navigation has been redesigned so that it's always noticeable when available on pages
  • Yes/No options are now correctly stored in the database as integers rather than text strings which allows for much quicker searching and lowered disk space usage
  • Quoted posts now contain the date and time of the quoted post as well as a link back to the original post
  • Images for the "Reply", "Forward", and "Delete" links in private messages rather than the previous text based versions
  • Ability to force all users to a specific board theme with the "Force User to Theme" option in the control panel
  • The last known IP address for a user is shown in the control panel when editing a user
  • MyCode/Javascript based editor has been added to the signature editor page for users to easily create their own custom signatures
  • Automatic cookie path detection during forum installation rather than it manually being required
  • Username automatic completion/suggestions implemented on several pages that ask for a username to be entered
  • Better handler for [size=X] tags that no longer allows for HUGE text sizes to be entered
  • Plain text version of the post parser allowing MyCode to be parsed in to text based equivalents (for email notifications etc)
  • The new private message notification will show the subject of the latest unread private message in the Inbox
  • The "reputation power" for user groups has been changed to a text box rather than a select box
  • Ability to use "multi-quote" quoted posts when creating a new thread

Go get it here.

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