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ivGeo is a small community specialised in doing nothing. Yap, you heard it right, lazy bums like us can't do anything right so why bother. Sometimes when we are overwhelmed with nothing (our minds are empty), few creative ideas emerge from the darkest corner of our soul. These ideas are so annoying and persistent in torturing our gray cells that our small brain hurts (we are interconnected collective, we are ivGeo). To get rid of them we must realize these creative ideas as quick as possible, so we can return to our usual nothingness.
On this webpage you can see the results of our tormented soul. If you find something you like, you can use it but be very careful or you'll be assimilated into ivGeo collective.

Recent Works

ivGeo v3 theme

  • Theme Name: ivGeo v3
  • Theme Version: 1.4.10.
  • Theme URL: ivGeo v3 Theme
  • Author: iv Geo
  • Tags: fluid/flexible-width, black and white, modern, web 2.0, style switcher, jquery
  • Credits: Styleswitch by Kelvin Luck

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Blogreen theme

  • Theme Name: Blogreen
  • Theme Version: 1.4.8
  • Author: iv Geo
  • Tags: fluid/flexible layout, green, white, blue, pngfix, modern, web 2.0
  • Credits: DD_belatedPNG

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