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Leopard theme

  • Theme Name: Leopard
  • Theme Version: 1.4.8
  • Author: iv Geo
  • Tags: fluid/flexible layout, blue, white, gay, leopard
  • Credits:Inspired with Mac OS X Leopard


The Leopard Theme is OS X look alike theme, or it tries to be.



  Leopard 1.4.8.(734.3 KiB)  1,679 downloads




  • updated for MyBB 1.4.8.


  • updated for MyBB 1.4.4.


  • updated for MyBB 1.4.2.
  • small enhancement


  • first release

13 Comments to Leopard theme

  1. 19.09.2009. at 12:45 | Permalink

    Lovin’ this skin! Everyone download it NOW!

  2. 30.12.2009. at 08:46 | Permalink

    can you make this template compatible with 1.4.11, the template got broken…

  3. 31.12.2009. at 15:59 | Permalink
  4. 19.01.2010. at 05:04 | Permalink

    This theme is nice, I donwloaded it.

  5. 11.07.2010. at 02:14 | Permalink

    this is a geat thΓ©me thank you very much.:)

    But i fund some thing relation with google addsense !!
    the probleme is when you add 3 addesense code it showed but when you add the 4th not showed why ? is there anny code or setting that you put on your theme. because i try it more times but nigative .
    i used a sideBox for addsense in may forum BAHI-EDUCATION
    you can see the probleme that i’m tooking about on my forum
    just change the theme in the footer “Quick theme” is the same box
    plz help me i need to know that
    i’m sorry my english is not that good
    if you don’t undestand what i meant here plz Contacte me here : elminnouny@hotmail.fr
    thank you again all of you
    you did a great work
    and good luck for you

  6. 02.03.2011. at 16:14 | Permalink

    I can’t find add_ignore.gif
    Can you upload it?

  7. 07.07.2011. at 12:44 | Permalink

    I like the overall feel of this theme but the blue is too like a windows blue, and this spoils it, it would be great if you could do another version with more of a black/grey feel.

  8. 10.12.2012. at 23:03 | Permalink

    Hi there, great theme! Only i can’t seem to figure out where i can change the Community Descritpion on the theme? Is it in the theme itself or a configuration of MyBB?

    Thanks in advance!


    PS: can you mail me the awnser? I don’t know if i get a notification when with your response πŸ™‚