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ivGeo v3 theme

  • Theme Name: ivGeo v3
  • Theme Version: 1.4.10.
  • Theme URL: ivGeo v3 Theme
  • Author: iv Geo
  • Tags: fluid/flexible-width, black and white, modern, web 2.0, style switcher, jquery
  • Credits: Styleswitch by Kelvin Luck


ivGeo v3 Theme for myBB 1.4 is another simple theme with style switcher to give choices in terms of menu and link color schemes. This theme is very light and loads very fast.



  ivGeo v3 1.4.10.(405.4 KiB)  4,230 downloads


Change Log


  • first public release


  • updated for MyBB 1.4.10


  • first release for ivGeo

16 Comments to ivGeo v3 theme

  1. 07.01.2010. at 17:20 | Permalink

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  2. 09.01.2010. at 22:12 | Permalink

    this theme is bugged 🙁
    cuz “ďťż”

  3. 09.01.2010. at 22:55 | Permalink

    the point is that as you click the last one added post it weird characters

  4. 29.01.2010. at 21:44 | Permalink

    Won`t work on MyBB 1.4.11?

  5. 31.01.2010. at 22:59 | Permalink

    Not the problem at all! Problem is missing postbit buttons, some buttons are not included in image folder (maybe by mistake). I solved that by downloading that buttons from your image dir on server.

  6. Sven's Gravatar Sven
    01.03.2010. at 19:23 | Permalink

    Hi Kevin, How can I use your style switcher option? I mean how to I switch between the different color styles?

  7. Dennis's Gravatar Dennis
    06.04.2010. at 12:53 | Permalink

    Maybe you should add a small text saying “Theme Color” above the color changing icons. It would look good with a small bold text.

  8. 11.12.2010. at 20:18 | Permalink

    Good design, when do you think that you can publish ivgeo3’s wordpress theme. You can be sure that it will downloaded to much by mybb users. Could you publish it please?