Full Version: Is MyBB better?
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Hi All,

I use SMF but I have been told so many times MyBB is a great forum script and better than SMF and phpBB. I have no idea about this but I like to hear opinion about this.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is it better? I really can't say. I use them both.
They are just different. I like smf's one click update.

You have to try it and decide for yourself.
Yes, rightly said!! There are so many different forum scripts to choose from like MyBB, SMF, phpBB, etc and no one can really say which one is the best as each person will have different needs by which they decide on which script to use!! And we have the option of using more than one and it’s not as though we have to have only one forum script which we can use. So the ideal solution will be to try out each one which is recommended and choose the one which is ideally suited for us!!
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