Full Version: [Release] Silver Rapsody Theme
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[Release] Silver Rapsody Theme

MyBB version: 1.2.13

Nice black and white theme with rounded corners, and with irritating background pattern.


Theme updated for MyBB 1.2.13
Hi IvGeo, I Just like your themes, and I want to ask you.

Can I realese theme for arabic users with keeping your copyrights on please?
Hello and welcome

Yes, you can use my themes and release them!
You can even use smaller font for my copyright!

you are so great guy, thnx in advanced
hehe, thanks!
Really nice theme.
Not that bad Smile, the nav is annoying.
Possible to have this theme in 1.4?
(20-12-2008 01:08 PM)Combo Wrote: [ -> ]Possible to have this theme in 1.4?

It will be updated but not any time soon.
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