Full Version: [Release] Vista_F Theme
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[Release] Vista_F Theme

MyBB version: 1.4.4

Inspired with Windows Vista Forums (http://thevistaforums.com/).
Icons from MS Windows Vista.
Background from MohsinNaqi - http://mohsinnaqi.deviantart.com/.



Theme updated for MyBB 1.4.4
Theme updated for MyBB 1.2.13
Opera bug fixed

original bug report
really good.....

thanx ivgeo.

i'm from Turkey ,i'm Turkish. Wink

look : http://www.mybbturkiye.com

I know about http://www.mybbturkiye.com. Nice web page & forum. (many useful stuff)

I'm registered there as "bas" but my problem is I don't understand turkish! Smile-
I'm from Croatia
theme updated

added online, statistics and birthday images
Really nice theme, also you can add some ajax menus on header.
what ajax menus?
do you have something specific in mind?
can i have a permission to edit your buttons so that the buttons of thanks button and warn button will blend with the rest. also the new reply button so that i can make it as a group image?
You can use/edit my buttons!

Here, you can download most of the buttons (psd) from my themes.
Buttons Download
now included in original download package
thanx ivgeo.
Very very good theme..
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