Full Version: [Release] Color Notes plugin
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[Release] Color Notes plugin

MyBB version: 1.2.(3)x + 1.4

This plugin adds extra tags to your forum posts.

Alert example!
Warn example!
Info example!


Plugin updated to work with MyBB 1.4
Thanks great plugin.Smile
Thanks Mr. Ivan...
I wondered about those.

(Thought they made your portal look interesting, more eye catching) thanks for sharing..
You are welcome.

I made this for myself. But few guys asked me nicely I decided to release it.

From download number, I can presume it is useful plugin.
thank you really love it. They do sure get attention.
you know this jobWink
great plugin Wink
Thanks, I hope it is useful
can you upgrade the plugin to mybb 1.4 please??

i love this plugin!!!
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