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What Makes HDMI Best?
31-05-2010, 09:07 AM
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What Makes HDMI Best?
If you ask a HDMI distributor to explain the benefits of a HDMI wires and cable, he will be able to help you with a list of things that you might have not even thought about. He will talk about safety, durability and a lot more and will help you build an impression that if you go for anything else apart from them, you will be making a big mistake and will be putting things at risk.

And once the sales men leave and you have a minute to think the first point that will come in your mind will be that it was his job to do so and he has done it all for the commission. Your thought process is not wrong but at the same time it is hard to say that the distributor was not telling the truth. The HDMI cables have been able to make a significant name in the market and have been able to win the hearts of people who have been using it. So, even if you will ask a friend who has used them and is not a distributor will be saying the same thing able the wires, with a difference that your friend will not be able to use a lot of technical terms.

The HDMI wires will help in getting the results that you have been looking forward for. They will be able to transmit the best signals and will also help in getting the best connectivity at all times. And it you are worried about the wires that will be seen all around the house then you can go for the HDMI wall plates that will help in covering the wires and save the look that you wanted to from a long time and were worried about.

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31-05-2010, 12:40 PM
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RE: What Makes HDMI Best?
HDMI cables and wires gained significant name in the market.They provide best connectivity and transmit best quality of signal.

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23-09-2010, 05:56 AM
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RE: What Makes HDMI Best?
There is a lot of confusion at the moment about HDMI labeling. As long as you buy 1.3 you should be OK. Here are some more tips.

You need to determine how long is the distance between your source and display. If it is more than 15 feet you should seriously consider using an HDMI ver 1.3 (don't worry about a, b or c as these are only testing protocols) "high speed" cable. If it is less than 15 feet a "standard" cable should be ok. make sure that you buy from a reputable source as there are a lot of counterfeit cables being sold at the moment. You also need to ensure that the cable has the HDMI logo and version 1.3 marked on the packaging.
The last thing that you should consider is choosing a cable with gold plated connectors. This will not improve your signal but they will not corrode (particularly in coastal or high humidity locations) which will stop the signal degrading over time.

Remember that you can never improve a digital signal by using an expensive cable but you can degrade a signal by using an inferior cable. You will see this degradation as sparkles and pixellation particularly in dark scenes.

If you want to know more about the HDMI interface and HDMI cables you can download the free 21 page ebook "HDMI Demystified" at the following link.
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21-10-2010, 10:21 AM
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RE: What Makes HDMI Best?
HDMI cables and wires are unique quality,..they are very strong and durable,...
these thing make them best in the market,..
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